FACE Credit Consultancy was founded by Sharon Farrell in 2019.  We offer a variety of services to businesses to help improve cash flow and reduce outstanding payments.  As a specialist credit management consulting practice we take a pragmatic approach in getting you the results you deserve.

About The Business

FACE Credit Consultancy gives a personal touch to credit control. We offer a broad range of credit solutions tailored to meet your business needs. Our experience working with startup businesses, SMEs and large multinationals over the past 20 years has given us the tools to get results for our clients. No matter how small or big you are, we understand your business and we will have a solution to fit your needs.

At FACE Credit Consultancy we understand the importance of maintaining excellent relationships with your customers. For this reason, we offer a sensitive and professional approach to collections. We appreciate the value of your brand and will always respect that.

About Sharon Farrell ~ Director

Sharon Farrell started this business out of a strong passion for the credit industry. Having been working very successfully in Credit Management for over 20 year she has won several National Credit Management awards with her credit teams. This experience includes working with large multi nationals as well as SMEs, providing her with rare and invaluable insights into a huge variety of business types and systems.With Sharon you get a highly energetic and vibrant individual with a proven track record of success. As well as experience she will bring empathy in dealing with your business and colleagues. Sharon understands the sensitivities between you and your customers and is driven to succeed on your behalf.

Sharon Farrell Founder Face Credit

Our Team

Niamh McDonald Face Credit Consultancy

Niamh McDonald

Team Leader

Niamh Mc Donald, the driving force behind our team. With an impressive 16 years of banking experience, Niamh brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our organisation.

Her leadership style is defined by professionalism, ensuring that every member of our team operates at their best. Niamh’s strength lies in her meticulous approach to processes and procedures, ensuring efficiency and excellence in every aspect of our business.

Join us in welcoming Niamh to our team, where her commitment to quality and dedication to success shine through in every endeavour.

Amanda Adamson FACE Credit

Amanda Adamson

Credit Administrator

Stephanie Taylor

Senior Credit Controller

Daniel Frawley

Senior Credit Controller

Kim Keogh

Credit Controller

There are many benefits to outsourcing your credit control or indeed adding our expertise to your existing team.

Just some of the benefits of our services:
• Increased cash flow
• Reduced DSO (Days Sales Outstanding)
• Brand protection
• Improved Customer Relations
• Reduce stress and anxiety
• Enable profitable growth
• Reduce costs