Join Sharon Farrell as she speaks with Colm of Colm O’Brien Motivation


“Talk to people. Have the conversations.” Just some of the wonderful advice we heard tumbling from the mouth of our recent guest, Sharon Farrell, on The Coffee at Eleven Show.

Mother of four, Sharon, set up her own Credit Consultancy Business, FACE Credit Consultancy, when she realized how many businesses are lacking in this area.


She helps businesses set a ‘Credit Policy’ which in turn helps identify who it should extend credit to, and for how long. If monies are outstanding, Sharon’s company can assist in debt collection, her having been singularly (and exceptionally) successful in this area for decades working in Corporate.

“How did you collect €millions, Sharon?”

“I picked up the phone and had a chat; we got to know each other, and the money would follow.”

“And where did you learn this?”

“My five mammies.”



Intrigued? I would be.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I invite you stick on the kettle, grab a coffee, and think with Sharon and me for a bit in your preferred way.


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You’ll be glad you did.